Welcome to Nest & Invest.

We specialise in manufacturing low energy eco houses to suit your own designs and budgets. We build prefabricated timber frame houses throughout Europe and offer a high standard of insulation and quality of components.. We bring you the latest designs and eco technology from Europe, saving you costs on energy and professional fees. On our web site is an example of the type of models we can produce on A FIXED TERM CONTRACT, so no hidden surprises from time of contract to completion. The designs on the web site are to give you inspiration of what we can build and supply, once you have found your local architect to prepare your design, and once you have a building permit, we can design for timber frame building at the factory price included in your building contract at a fixed price.

FACTORY: We have been building timber frame for the past 30 years, and now run two factories to full capacity throughout the year. Large commercial developments can now be incorporated at our works. We are based in Northern Europe, sales are costed in Euros only.