Heat Pumps that are recommended in Nest&Invest Buildings.

Ground heat pumps take advantage of the temperature difference between ambient air and that of the ground a few meters below the surface to create heat energy. Water is pumped through underground pipes, and a heat exchanger is used to extract the extra energy due to this temperature difference. For every unit of energy you use in this process, you get about 3-4 units back.

This type of technology is available with all Nest & Invest houses.
We are able to source and incorporate this at the time during the design.

This technology is not new, infact you have a heat exchanger in your home already. Your refridgerator uses this technolgy in reverse, heat is extracted from the cabinet to keep food fresh and the extracted heat is expelled through the back of the fridge. Here, the heat is merely a waste product. In the heat pump, this heat is utilised. This process is not free, you need to put some energy in to extract this heat, but you get more out than you put in, hence it is an effective source of heat energy.

The use of heat pumps in combination with underfloor heating is an effective way to extract heat energy from the ground outside and use it to heat the living space of your home. The temperatures needed for underground heating are not that great, only about 30-40 Celcius which means that you do not need a powerful heat source such as a conventional gas boiler which runs its heated water at 80-85 Celcius.

A ground source heat pump system consists of two main parts, the underground piping and a heat exchange unit which is a tall unit as dipicted in the image on the left