The ground heating GEO®System may advantageously be installed at arenas, sport complexes, industrial sites and plants of similar character.

Thermotech ground heating system consists of loops with heating pipes connected to manifolds installed in the ground. The components in the ground heating product range are made of material with a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

The control system
To optimize the energy consumption we recommend that the ground heating system is equipped with a suitable control system.

The most effective option is Thermotech´s automatic control units for ice and snow melting, ETR2 and ETO2. The units have both moisture and temperature sensors in the ground, and only starts the heating system when needed.

Heat source
Our recommendation is always to have snow melting installed as a separate system, i.e. with a heat exchanger or separate heat source, because of the risk of freezing.

Since Thermotech GEO®System for ground heating is a low temperature system it can also be used to take advantage of waste or return heat from cooling processes or central heating systems.